Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Turf Talk + Whole Buncha Shit!

First and foremost, sorry for the big delay between posts. And I'm not even gonna lie to you, I just been lazy/busy as hell, call it what you want. But I guess it was worth it cuz this is a pretty big post. I coulda split it up into two posts, but then I figured why bother, just means more work for me. Enjoy!

"Ima Hustla, I'm a Pimp..."

I don't know about you guys, but I dont think I can wait much longer for this West Coast Vaccine album to come out. I was a lil bit dissapointed because according to his "Brings the Hood" mixtape, his second certified album was supposed to drop in early June of 2005. About two more weeks though, considering the album is scheduled to drop April 25th. Ima post a few tracks by Turf, and im pretty sure at least one of them is on the West Coast Vaccine album. The first track is called "Wakin em up'", and this might be one a lot of you already have, but this is album quality and doesn't have the mixtape mob echo in the backround. This second track is called 'Rydah Musik" and I ripped this off Sirius radio about 2 months ago, but i've waiting for a better version. It never came so I guess this will have to do. The last song is called "Been a Hustla", and is already one of my favorite tracks. Kinda messes with Cassidy's version on the chorus but Turf's verses are clean as fuck. Hope you guys enjoy, and make sure to cop the album on the 25th!!!

Turf Talk feat. Dem Hoodstarz- Wakin Em' Up (Album Quality)

Turf Talk- Rydah Musik

Turf Talk- Been a Hustla

"I'm From da ghetto homie, I'm from da Hood..."

Ya know I'm not even sure where this song came from, if it's new or not, and I' dont even know it's name. But all I do know is that it's good to hear Messy Marv's voice again. I feeling this one a lot and it features Mr.Popapill himself Guce. Sounds like Ea-ski and CMT on the beat, and they kinda switch it up a lil bit which I like to see. Let me know if you guys got a track name or something cuz I'm not even sure.

Messy Marv- Tha Hood

"Watch me surf up on the roof now!"

For all of you who haven't copped the Droop-E and B-Slimm album yet, umm you may or may not wanna do that. The shit isn't horrible, but I mean get ready for some questionable flows on the behalf of everyone on this compilation. I mean I know I keep bashing Droop-E and his lyrics, so you probably wonder why I keep posting his songs? The beats are damn near ridiculous, and this is a perfect example.

Droop-E & B-Slimm feat. Stressmatic- Surf

Young and Restless

Balance appeared on Sirius Radio a couple weeks back and I was able to rip a couple tracks off of his new album. These two are off of his newest album "Young and Restless". The first track is called "Look" and it features Casual who has been known for droppin nice cameo's on other artists songs. The second one is called "Let Da Bass Go" and is produced by EA-Ski and CMT. So peep game and see if you like it....and if so, cop the album!

Balance feat. Casual- Look

Balance- Let da Bass go

Big Rich of Done Deal Ent.

The homie Big Rich has been makin some noise the past couple months with tracks like "That's the Biddness" and "Scrape, Scoot". These tracks right here will be off his upcoming album/mixtape entitled "Bay Biddness 2". These two songs right here are coming real clean, and I'm feeling the "Crush" beat but im not sure who made it.

Big Rich feat. J.Valentine- Crush

Big Rich- Hands in da Air

Smitty Grands

Haha this is the homie from back in the day but I haven't seen him or talked to him in a minute, so it's good to see his is getting his hustle on. Smitty Grands is one of the three members of the group called "Tha High". A lot a cats don't know the most influential member of the group is none other than Mr.SuperHyphy himself, Traxxamillion. So im not completely sure if this is him on the beat, but it definetly wouldn't surprise. Smitty Grands is out of San Jose and attempting to move the spotlight a lil bit lower on the Bay Area map, and this song is doing a pretty good job of it.

Smitty Grands- It's Gon Knock!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Celly Cell + New Team Joint....

Shake Shake It

I'm not sure if you guys already have this song but I ripped back in December and forgot I had it. This track is some typical Celly Cell type shit, but im feelin this beat. Features none other than Stanley Davis who with one of his typical verses but it fits in real nice. I'm not sure if Celly is coming with a new album soon, but I assume when he does this will be his first single.

Celly Cell feat. Mistah F.A.B.- Shake it (?)

This is my song

Don't let the title fool you, that is the actual name of the song. I mean there isn't much more to be said about The Team. They deliver hits just about every time they touch the lab. Personally, I believe there album should be getting all the hype that 40 recieved for his. Well this one is off the World Premiere album which will be dropping next tuesday. (I hope!)

The Team- This is my song

Monday, March 27, 2006

Street Status + Droop-E


Haha homeboy is killin me man!!! In my opinion Droop-E is getting worse and worse by the song...This is a new one with his right hand man B-Slimm of the Kabinet Gang. The beat on this one comes pretty nice, but gets a lil confusing on the hooks. I mean there isn't much more to say about this one, but be warned Droop-E spits some very interesting shit on this track....

Droop-E & B-Slimm- We go dumb out here

Shake em' Off!!!

This shit goes hard in my book man...I'm feeling the beat off top and homeboys flow isn't bad at all. Only problem? Haha I have no idea who it is! I ripped it off Sirius Radio about 3 weeks ago and I've been trying to figure out who it is since. Kinda sounds like Doonie Baby of the Federation...Help me out if you know.

??????- Shake Haters Off


This song is by a new artist named Street Status. Personally im not really feeling his flow too much in this's kinda awkward at some parts. This song sounds extremely similar to the "Stupid Head Bop" by Lee Majors. Let me know what you guys think about this new artist.

Street Status- I Go!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Spring Break!!

Well the time of the year has come and it's time to go back to the Bay for a week or so. Hopefully i'll be able to get around to all the spots while im out there. I'm gonna have to make a trip Hilltop and see if i can slide 3 girbauds for $120 ya feel me...But anyways, I won't be postin as usual on monday so here are some slaps I got for the week. See you guys in a couple.


This is a new one that has been getting dummy rotations on KMEL as of about 3 weeks ago. Correct me if im wrong, but this is song by a group called The A's. They reside out of Oakland and have a nice flow to there ryhmes. I gotta say the whole YA-DID-I-MEAN thing gets a tad bit repetitive, but it's all good. I remember a group from Oakland who hit the scene a couple years ago and have been rolling ever since, I wonder if The A's group will follow in there footsteps. This version isn't the best of quality, but this is cleanest rip i could get. I got an album version which i will post at a later date, but its almost like its a whole different song. Kinda weird....

The A's- Yadidimean!

On Top of the World

This is a New Team joint that I'm feeling like no other. When I first heard this track, it reminded why The Team is probably the most versatile group in the bay. The track itself isn't necessarily a slapper, but will most likely be one of the better tracks on the upcoming album "World Premiere". Ima throw in this other track with B-legit of his latest Purple House Presidents mixtape. It's kinda short, but its still nice as hell. (My bad if these tracks are already on there mixtape, i haven't been able to cop that yet so im not sure.)

The Team- On top of the World

The Team- We Sittin

Federation, Federation!

Not necessarily any new tracks from them besides this Only Wear my white tees once remix. Once again Rick Rock goes to work twerkin up the beat a lil bit and adding some southern CA flavor to the mix. Battle Loc, Wc, and Tash from Liks set this remix on fire. And lastly some people talked about an 18 dummy album quality and I finally got that. So here they are...

The Federation feat. Battle Loc, Wc, Tash- Only Wear My White Tees Once (remix)

The Federation- 18 Dummy (album quality)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Eighteen feat. Mistah FAB + Go Smart

My Ghetto Report Card

Well on the eve of probably one of the most anticipated bay area albums ever, I feel it wouldn't be right to not remind everyone to go cop one of the E-40's new album tommorow. I guess a bootleg copy has been circulating around the internet, but I trust that everyone is gonna go buy one even though they got the bootleg. Well Anyways, here are some new ones for today...


First and foremost, this song goes hard...Eighteen is a one of Sean T young rappers who is repping the Haystack to the fullest. The beat on this track is some of Sean T's best work in my opinion. He got Fabby Davis spittin a nice verse to compliment his own smooth flow. He supposedly has a self titled album coming up soon, so keep a lookout for that.

Eighteen feat. Mistah F.A.B.- Timber

Go Smart?

Haha I had to listen to this one a couple times before i actually realized what they were talkin about. I'm not completely sure who sings this one, and I would appreciate if someone could find that out for me. Kinda sounds like Western Conference to me, but they are talkin about Oakland so who knows. But I'm kinda feeling that track because they are spitting some true facts, but it's borderline hater status because they are callin out all the bandwagon Baydestrians. You guys be the judge and let me know what you think.

???????- Go Smart

Bag Back (remix)

I ripped this off of KMEL on friday night and did a lil research on it. The song is by Mr.Midas who is from down south in the LA area. I hadn't heard of him prior to this song but its not too bad. He gets Clyde Carson on this remix version, so you know its gonna be pretty nice. But yea it's good to see LA collabin' with the bay these days. Damani and Keak Da Sneak, and now Mr.Midas and Clyde. Enjoy.

Mr.Midas Feat. Clyde Carson- Bag Back Remix

Monday, March 06, 2006

Luni Coleone + Gotta Git It (remix)

First and foremost if you haven't heard, they did a special on the Bay Area on MTV 2. It was a cool lil segment that gave the world a lil taste of how we doin it out here in the Bay, but didn't go overboard with it. Unlike some people down south who made the movie RIZE, but we won't get on that right now. Here is a link to a you tube movie that someone so graciously set up, just in case you missed it.

In the Buildin and I'm feelin like....

Haha this is a sample of a beat from an old song that I'm not gonna take the time to try and remember. But its kinda like a song in respect for Mac Dre, and kinda surprising to hear from Luni Coleone. Keak Da Sneak does the chorus and spits a verse himself.My friend sent me this one a couple months ago and I've been slapping it ever since, hope you guys enjoy.

Luni Coleone feat. Keak Da Sneak- Feeling Like YEE!

Gotta Git It (remix)

Balance added some Bay Area all-stars to turn this one into a nice lil remix. It was originally Locksmith on the first remix, but then they did it again and added Stanley Davis and the Mighty Quinn. So i used my questionable ripping skills to link the two remixes together. Haha not the best quality, but i mean it will get the job done until there is a quality version released. And may I just add that Locksmith spits a very successful verse and reminds the Bay Area he was one of the main pioneers of this whole New Bay movement.

Balance feat. San Quinn, Mistah F.A.B., Locksmith- Gotta Git It (remix)


This is a questionable song by Scweez, the self proclaimed "First Mexican to ride the yellow bus". Anyone have info on an album for him? It kinda sounds like a Youngbloodz beat or something, but in the song they talk about Traxamillion on the beat, so im not completely sure. Stanley Davis makes a lil cameo and drops a nice verse.

Scweez feat. Mistah F.A.B.- Greenlight


Another slap off the DB'z album "Speakin in Mannish" which is in stores as we speak. This isn't one of my favorite tracks but it serves as a decent album filler. Droop-E goes to work on the beat, and does a good job of staying away from the microphone if you know what im saying. HAHA!

DB'z feat. E-40- Stewy

Monday, February 27, 2006

Lee Majors + DB'z Slapper....

Go Stupid Head Bop?

Well maybe not the best title for a song, but this one is a lightweight slapper. Im really feelin the beat and I could see this one gettin a lot of PT on the club scene.

Lee Majors- Go Stupid Head Bop

Pull ya thang out, take it Off-Safety!!!

Wow man all i can say is damn...The new DB'z album "Speakin in Mannish" is fire! I mean when i first heard the Stewie song i wasn't feelin it too hard, but i got a chance to listen to the whole album and the shit is quality. This is one of my favorite songs, and if you haven't got a chance to cop this one yet you better get on it.

DB'z feat. Mugzi- Off Safety


This young cat from Alameda has some skills man...I've heard a lot of his remixes before, but i think he brought this Tell Me When to Go beat to a whole new level. Some like this remix a lot, and others don't. I personally like it, but I'll let you all make your own judgement. In the meantime mad props to Trackademicks, keep up the good work.

E-40 feat. Keak Da Sneak- Tell Me When to Go (Trackademicks Rmx)